Do you have the organizational structure in all markets that you’re doing business in to progressively support the development of your licensing business with in-market licensee sourcing, contract negotiation, creative development and approvals, category management, retail business development and marketing? Do you have a dedicated in-market brand management team who will monitor, modify and improve your brand business after your product hits the floor?
Do you have the most relevant knowledge of retail, across all channels and accounts, in that market, to make the strategic decisions that will best support and sustain your brand’s initiatives over the long run? Are you employing innovative approaches to drive your business with key retail partners, such as Direct to Retail partnerships?
Does the market you want grow have a comparably strong index to your other businesses globally? Are you satisfied with the quality, uniqueness, relevance and integration of your brand DNA in your licensed products?
Are your brand’s global strategic initiatives being managed proactively across all markets? Do you have a proven process to assist licensees on the strategic alignment, development and retail activation of your branded programs?
Are you proactively leading the expansion of your brand or is this being left to your licensees and possibly their distributors? Is your brand’s promise consistently delivered across communications, customer experiences and touch-points?


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